I just Googled to see how to footnote a blog. Not hits. Any journalism majors want to take a stab at this? The blog I’m trying to footnote is mine from May 20, 2009, “You Have the Right to Remain Silent.” That blog was my rant about my unneighborly neighbor.

We had the rest of the cul-de-sac over yesterday for a cookout. All were eager to see if there were any scurrilous updates on the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues. I read aloud the piece from the 20th, and asked for comment.

It’s good to seek input. What follows might serve as an incentive to get some to actively listen to their customers—that’s a consulting phrase (active listening). This narrative also reinforces the concept of the wisdom of crowds.

One neighbor mentioned that the neighbor in question hadn’t cut their lawn in two weeks—a clear violation of community policy.

“That’s because they asked the mower guy to only cut it every two to three weeks,” responded Janet—the names have been changed here just in case this turns into a reality show, the Second Battle of Brittan.

“He’s supposed to come tomorrow,” I replied. “We should pay him not to cut it, so that it gets way too long.”

Tom, the silent type, chipped in, “We should mow crop circles into his lawn.” This idea quickly received approval.

“What if we’re heard?” I inquired.

“I have an electric mower,” said Sam.

“Spray it,” offered Susan. “Use Roundup on it, and make some really detailed designs.”

The group was on a roll. The neighbor with the three girls smiled sinisterly.

“What?” I asked.

“I had an idea, but it might be too Catholic,” she hedged. “I was thinking we could put a little design on the stucco.”

“What kind of design?”

“Like one of those vision things, you know, like a weeping Madonna.”

“I get it,” said her husband. “Like that piece of Cheetos on EBay that some people think looks like Jesus.”

"Wasn't that a Frosted Flake?" I asked.

“Exactly, put something on the wall, but don’t make it too perfect or nobody will believe it. We can post it on YouTube, and call the newspapers. They’ll have cars lined up around the block, and people walking all over their lawn.”

All these good ideas game about in five minutes. Imagine how much we could learn from our customers if we really listened.

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Citing of a blog. According to the APA: an electronic reference from an organization with several URLs...close as I could come to your blog identity.

Name of organization. (date - of publication or retrieval). Title of blog (in italics). Retrieved (date - month, day, full 4-digit year), from of specific url here (no punctuation at end)

Indent after first line 5 spaces

This should keep the plagiarism police off anyone citing your (or anyone else's) blog. Let's see if anyone has a better idea :-)


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