I am interested in hearing how organizations manage their TQM/process improvement programs. We have one where any employee can submit suggestions for process or business improvements. They "own" the suggestions, research and potential implementation but partner with their supervisor to determine feasiblity and securiing needed resources. The suggestions can be simple correction or updates to our on line reference system to technical system changes or policy changes. There are some elements of the program that work better than others so in an effort to enhance our program I would like to talk with folks who have a program in place today to share the pros and cons.

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Hello Kathy,

Many operations target their performance against world class benchmarks and then utilize a Root Cause Analysis system such as DMAIC of Six Sigma to address opportunities for improvement. In general cost savings generated by the change more than pay for the cost of the resources needed to make the improvements.

A generalized example; a 1% improvement in First Contact Resolution (FCR) for a 200 seat center with an Avg Handle Time (AHT) of 5 minutes can save 1 headcount for each 1 percent improvement in FCR through reduced volume of call backs. With the annualized Headcount cost of a US based FTE CSR around $25K. a 4% improvement in FCR is worth $100K and happier customers.


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