I am willing to start a call center of my own. Need help .

Hi Everyone i am willing to start a call center with folllowing assets please state is it ok ?,

Basic requirements
1-Calls Solution
2-Internet Connectivity
3-Human Resource
4- 1000 sq/feet space

 Any other information regarding how to start a Call Center is heartfully accepted.

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Hi Anna,

Wow, this is a big questions to try to answer.

A couple of questions - are you "willing" to start a call center or are you actually going to start a call center? What is the call center's purpose? What specifically are you looking for specifically? For example, are you looking for lists of things you have to consider before opening a center (from ground up)? Or, do you just want confirmation of the 4 things you listed (not sure where these "basic requirements" came from).

Also, the link "call center" at the end of your post goes to the I3 site - is there a reason for that?

Thanks for any clarification.

To be honest, your question can not be answered. You will have to provide a lot more information. Are you going to be inbound, outbound, 24/7, hosted or premise, etc, etc... If you would like to provide more details I would be happy to help. I also found it a bit odd that Interactive Intelligence was your link. If you are just starting a call center, they may not be the most economical solution. From all feedback they are outstanding but they are certainly not going to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum (which I assume would be a requirement for a start-up).
Dear Anna

I would like to help you in this endeavor My company, Northwinds Contact Solutions, is a provider of hosted communications platforms including a Virtual Call Center, Virtual Office Phone and an Outbound IVR (outbound messaging) platform. Our hosted solutions are robust and inexpensive.

I invite you to visit our website at to learn more about us. Please call me if I can be of service in any way

All the best,

Darren Prine
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Northwinds Contact Solutions
5425 E Bell Rd, Ste 141
Phoenix, AZ 85254
Work: 602.515.0395
Mobile: 480.251.9160
Fax: 602.515.0391
IM: CallCenterHero (Skype)
My Blogs:
Hi Anna,

The majority of the costs associated with operating a Call Center are labor costs. In the World of Call Centers there has always been too much emphasis on the latest ‘technology fix’ - and too little on the ‘HumanWare’ – which is the most important component for long-term Contact Center success.

Top performing Call Centers drive Revenue & Performance through superior hiring tactics. Finding ways to hire better quality Call Center Agents is consistently placed as a priority by senior management. Deploying tools that give you better insight and more accurate predictions as to which applicants from a pool of Job Candidates would perform up to, or beyond your established standards contributes most significantly to increased Call Center productivity and higher levels of Customer Satisfaction.

Hiring the wrong Call Center Agent is the Root Cause of most Call Center Performance Issues. It is a significant drain on your Profitability, the Budget & Bottom Line, on Customer Satisfaction Ratings, Sales Results and on overall Call Center Team Morale. Every failed hire causes an employer to throw wasted dollars down the drain hiring & retraining recruits for the same position. Not to mention the Lowered Productivity, Poor Morale and Higher Absences associated with hiring a Poor Job Fit.

Call Center employers need to be able to weed out the Job Candidates who will burn out fast because they aren't suited for the work - and identify the people with the Personality/Job-Fit, Soft Skills, Motivation, and Work Ethic to be Top Call Center Agents.

SPAS Call Center Agent Pre-Employment Screening Software is Easy-to-Deploy, Very Cost-Effective and Highly-Predictive of an Individual's Suitability for a particular Call Center Agent Position.

There are Versions of the SPAS Software to Test for:

• InBound CSR (Up-Sell/Cross-Sell/Win-Back)
• Inside Sales
• InBound CSR (Service & Support)
• Technical Support/Help Desk Agent
• OutBound TeleSales (B2B or B2C)
• Order Entry
• Reservations/Guest Services Agent
• Central Station Monitoring
• Information & Referral
• 911/811/511/311/211 Operator
• Telephone Answering Service Operator
• TeleCollections

SPAS Pre-Employment Screening Software is a Proven Technology that meets and exceeds all Government Employment Standards Requirements as a Hiring Tool in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia/New Zealand and anywhere else in the world where the ‘Language of Work’ is English.

With SPAS as part of your Hiring Process you will be able to select New Call Center Agents who Fit your Employment Needs Better and Stay on the Job Longer - leading to a Call Center Agent Workgroup that has More Experience and is More Productive.

SPAS Software is sold on an Unlimited Usage License basis - there are No "per Test" Fees - "Annual Renewal" Fees – or any other User Fees whatsoever. Technical Support for the SPAS Software is free & unlimited as well. SPAS Licenses are also sold with a 6 Month, 100% Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction.

To find out about a Free Trial of SPAS Call Center Agent Pre-Employment Screening Software:
Hi Anna - lots of good input from members ... clearly your requirements is a big theme.

Having just finished Call Centre for Dummies v2 and having built 15+ call centres I would have one insight to offer that is different than 20 years ago: the IT (telecom, desktop, internet, technology, hosted-in-a-box) and the BUILDING (floor layout, find-a-vacant-one, etc) is the easiest part. In knowledge-based call centre work it is all about the PEOPLE (hire-able employee-base, where will the leadership team come from, how will you effectively build agent proficiency?).
Depending on the services offered:
- Phone switch (not need that often any more as you can "hang" of the client) $1MM
- Dialer for any outbound work
- minimum of 12 months of cash flow
Having started 2 call centres I use a 5 rule solution. Performance, People and resource management, Information and technology. This 'Call Centre 101' approach often sends people scurrying to make notes and I say don't bother. Its not the secret. The secret is knowing your product, the mix and the implementation of these 5 elements.
I have done call centre consultancy and judging and seen many people who believe managing a call centre is easy. It is not. I don't know what your background or experience is but if you haven't been this route before - get help! Either an experienced and well regarded consultant or just outsource it (outsourcers have been there/done that).
If you make a mistake it can be very costly.


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