I am preparing to run an A/B split test surrounding customer experience in our IVR flows. I need to find a new voice for our phone systems. Can anyone recommend a company I can turn to for voice actors?

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I highly recommend Cliff Smith. His contact information is below:

Clifford Smith

Let me know how it goes.


Darren C. Prine
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Northwinds Contact Solutions

I've worked with GM Voices and Marketing Messages. Both do good work and have lots of talent voices available.

GM Voices
2001 Westside Parkway
Suite 240
Alpharetta, GA 30004
TEL: 770.752.4500
FAX: 770.752.4545

Marketing Messages
Richard Snider, V.P.
Marketing Messages
51 Winchester Street
Newton MA 02461 USA
Phone: 800-486-4237, 617-527-3023 ext. 121
Fax: 617-527-3728

Best Wishes,

Peter Cole
VP, Customer Satisfaction and IVR
Interviewing Service of America

can you please email me your deal..we have Person who can do this for you..also let me know is this a one time need or continous work flow will be there

GM Voices

Jay Steinworth - Sr. Account Manager
(770) 752-4507
I've had to audition several voice talents over the course of multiple IVR implementations. I find that is the best way to go about it. You start with posting a job, and an audition script, followed by specific instructions on the Persona you desire.
You will get responses along with bids from voice talents. I frequently use Joe Guay and Catherine Campion on there.

Hi Richard,

My name is Adam Markowitz and I'm the Director of Business Development for Audiomakers in Scottsdale, Arizona. We specialize in voice talent for a variety of needs including IVR, PBX, Message on Hold, etc. You can find us at Please call me at 602-430-9491 and/or email at Thanks!


I am with GM Voices and I am here to help. Let me know how I can help you. I can be contacted at the numbers below.


Mark Palmucci
Account Manager
GM Voices
TEL: 770.752.4501
Toll Free 1-800-376-4136
FAX: 770.752.4545

If you pick up a telephone, fly out of the world’s busiest airport or even drive a car, chances are you’ve heard the recordings from Alpharetta, GA.'s own GM Voices. From HP to OnStar, GM Voices provides the natural and brand-consistent recorded voices for some of the world’s largest corporations.

GM Voices Mission
To help our clients humanize technology with natural sounding voice talent and actor-based audio production solutions combined with fast delivery and unmatched customer service for great value.
Think about using a text to speech engine -- and a good one. I have used RealSpeak from Nuance ( a great set of voices (helps with branding) and easy to get your phrases nailed up. Cost is about the same as voice talent to get started (meaning not cheap) but nearly a free ride after that. Allows the call center folks to turn scripts around quickly, and with the exact same voice and intonation. You can get it to sound too human -- and I personally leave it just "machine enough" that it fits well into the flow -- so that when they get a human -- the caller knows it.
Dear Richard,

I'm an NYC area-based voice over talent and would like to be considered for the new phone system voice you need. You can hear a sample of my work, see a list of clients and reviews on my website: I must confess that I have a terrible cold right now, but I'll sound better later on in the week, if there is time. In addition to having recorded phone systems, I also have done corporate narrations, TV and radio commercials and audio books.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Marie Caliendo
Richard - For male talent, use Bruce Buell @ Buell Advertising

email - bbuell@buelladvertising
Call - 585.227.1620

For female talent, Kris Adams @ NUTS, Ltd is great -

Bill Young, Owner
Catalyst Technology Solutions, LLC

Hands Free Communications

we have a library of voice talent on our website, you'd need to send us a script and names of those you would like a quotation from for us to get back to you with pricing and turnaround time. Voice talent are usually willing to do a short sample from your script free of charge but this can delay things a little. please visit

I've just checked the link and its broken for some reason, I'll check again in the morning and update you once I've had one of the techical guys look at it.


I recommend Andy Hedberg at


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