I am preparing to run an A/B split test surrounding customer experience in our IVR flows. I need to find a new voice for our phone systems. Can anyone recommend a company I can turn to for voice actors?

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there are 3 outfits i know of in particular - GM Voices, Walsh Media & Marketing Messages.
Hi Mike,

I'd like to make you aware of a fourth. Please visit us at Though we've specialized historically in Message On Hold (MOH), we do professional audio production for IVR systems, Auto Attendants, and a variety of telephony and web needs. We've got over 20 voice talents from which to choose, can do any audio format and provide incredible service and support. Thanks so much for your consideration.

Adam Markowitz
Something else that might facilitate testing, without exposing your company to some risk. We have a product, StarPerformer, that is a platform for the end-user development and ‘live testing’ of a variety of speech-interactive direct marketing and training solutions. It’s key features include the ability for the non-technical, business oriented user, whose focus is the content and process associated with the development of customer enabling or personal self-service solutions, to create, validate, track and report the performance of IVR scripts and behavior of users. In addition, it provides for the development of surveys that can subsequently acquire, measure and report the ‘test’ users perceptions of the self-service process.

Quite simply, it facilitates A/B testing in a variety of dimensions. However, as you have surmised, you samples are interacting with a simulation of a real IVR. You change modify/change the touchpoints with out involving IT or do any real programming. And results are immediate!

Hi Richard

My name is Gemma Smith, and I provide all kinds of voice recordigns bespoke to your needs. I can send them in whichever method is preferred for you. If you provide me with some scripting I can get this completed urgently for you.

There is a small charge for the service to cover the costs at my end. This will be £50 British Pound for 2 recordings.

Let me kow your thoughts, please find my contact details below.

Best regards


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