I am interested in developing a Customer Contact/ Customer Experience mastermind group. My goal is to organize a group of professionals that will meet via conference call to discuss issues we face on a daily basis. In order to develop the most effective group I'd like to include members with varied experience, industry perspective, and areas of expertise.

Every month I'd like to schedule a call with an agenda of topics determined by the group members. The possible discussion topics are endless and can include any issues that are relevant to members of Customer Contact management teams.

If you would like to be a part of this group please send me a message. Please also include the following information:

Company Name:
Areas of Expertise:
Topics for Discussion:

I will get back to everyone as soon as possible. I would like to limit the group to Contact Center professionals that are currently managing within that function. I fully understand vendors possess a high level of expertise within their specific product offerings, however in order to avoid bias during discussions surrounding technology, products and services we will not have vendors as regular members of the group. (although we may reach out to interested vendors on an ad-hoc basis in the future). Of course Kay would be warmly welcomed into the group! :-)

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If you are interested in this, join this new group on CCPF. Go to the "Groups" tab and click on "Mastermind Networking"

Great idea, Rich. Thank you.
Mike Scharfstein
Accounting Resources Inc.
Outsourced Accounting/Bookkeeping/Tax/Payroll
Call-Center Manager/Sales Manager
Inbound and Outbound Customer Service, Appointment Setting, Management, Training, Team Building, Coaching, Quality Assurance, Incentives, Rep Development, etc.
I am open to participate in all topics. I am looking to actively network with mid-level Managers through senior level managers who live the life, budgets, planning, hire/fire, recruiting, incentive developing, training, and who arent afraid to hop on the phones and get down and dirty when need to. :)
Welcome to the group Mike! Keep an eye on the group page. Once we have a few more people signed up I'll start posting requests for topics.
I'd love to join your mastermind group.

John Dontje
Dontje Group llc
Sales & Marketing, Operations, IT, Account Management and the other 101 things happening at any given moment.
Sales prospecting, Increasing tsr performance, Supervisor training.
Welcome John. You can "officially" join the group by going to the "Group" tab at the top of the page and clicking into the Mastermind Networking section.
We have had a great response to this networking opportunity. If you are interested in joining the group, click this link to join. By joining the group you will receive all the notices!

I am closing this discussion to any further replies so members don't get confused about where to go for the group's information!

Thanks again to Rich for the terrific idea and for hosting this!


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