We are a small growing company with all virtual employees. We want to start a small call center, initially starting with less than 5 agents. We are looking for a CRM/ACD solution that is preferably hosted. We have no IT support to maintain our own system and no home office in which to store it. we also need help in getting client for our call center too, if any solution for small centers. I'd appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!

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Hi Christopher,  I'm sorry that no one has helped you with this.  I can certainly put out some feelers if you still need some help. I'll be glad to assist any way I can.  Thanks, Kay

Goodmorning Kathryn, happy to see your response. yes i still need help on my post. please help..

Hi Christopher,

I specialize in helping Call Centers get up & running, maximize efficiencies and lower telecom costs.

Feel free to reach out to me whenever it's convenient for you.

Best regards,

Jay Adams


Christopher, I have sent this to several contacts.  Hopefully you will be getting more responses.

@ Jay Adams, thank for your response. i tried calling your number from nigeria but it didnt go through. i even went to your site and tried contacting you but it didnt work on your contact page. please can you send me mail so i can respond to it and see how we can move from there.. i really need help on this.. thank you for your time..

I am sending you an email.

@Jackson thank you for your time and effort in trying to help me..i really do appreciate. .please try some more..

Hi Christopher , 

I could see that you still don't have any Solution for your need Yet , i would be happy to assist you with the same kindly send us an email stating your requirement and the budget you looking at we would happy to provide you with a dedicated Solution for your company.

You can also contact me through Skype by adding us on the following ID :


If you would like can reach me at +91 9836381972 (Cellphone)


To be honest i can't help you with this but there are some country where you can set up a call center business and one of the is in Asia where there is really a lot of call center company including in Finland.To be honest right now i am handling a monitoring working hours at but i also used to be a call center agent before and Finland build me up before on being professional call center however i wanna try new so i choose managing monitoring working hours.

Hello Christopher

Hope you are doing good I can certainly help right from free dialler to campaign. Plz be free to contact me
Mail id
Skype Vinay.pillai81


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