We are a small growing company with all virtual employees. We have plans to start a small call center, initially starting with less than 5 agents. We are looking for a CRM/ACD solution that is preferably hosted. We have no IT support to maintain our own system and no home office in which to store it. I'm coming across a lot of systems for large call centers but not much, if anything for small centers. I'd appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!

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I see you've already been informed of inContact . . . I just wanted to add that I have personal experience with them and was a customer of them while at a large Fortune 250 company. They also have many customers who are small/growing companies like yourself. I highly recommend them - they have the entire package you need (with the exception of CRM) and can easily integrate with a CRM solution. I currently use and would recommend you look at that for your CRM solution.

Best of luck to you!

We are a boutique virtual call center with over 12 years experience. we have several partners that have agents "riding our rails," where we support them with infrastructure, IT, telephony, and reporting. We also can help you with virtual recruiting, as we have a current datbase of over 40,000 candidates.
Please call me or email me at your convenience.

Thank You,


Joseph G. Gearon

I work for Human Numbers - we provide forecasting and scheduling services to small call centers that do not have WFM software, or cannot afford to hire a full time workforce manager. Once you are set up with your ACD solution give me a ring and I'll help you with the rest.
There are a number of hosted solutions for workforce management and some that are better suited to smaller operations. Blue Pumpkin came out about 10 years ago and may be worthy of consideration. Workforce Management Software Group offers hosting; Pipkens is an older system and may have gone through some upgrades but I am not sure it is on par with Blue Pumpkin or WItness IEX. (You should research this with Forrester research) Of course other competitors are TCS, Cybershift, Verint, Right Now, GMT

If you have trouble getting the Forrester report.. let me know as I may have some connections.. In the meantime I recommend leveraging call center magazine/ICMI and some other online sources
I am amazed at all the responses that I received to this post. I really do appreciate everyone's time in sharing their expertise. I am following up with the recommended vendors and will let you know where we end up. Thank you so much.
Dear Teresa,

I would love to speak with you. My company, Northwinds Contact Solutions, provides a hosted/managed Virtual Call Center solution, including a versatile CRM, that I think will meet your needs. We offer full blown Call Center functionality but without any equipment to purchase except headsets. We license per seat and it's pay as you go. I hope you will visit my website at and call me for a free live platform demo.

All the best,

Darren C. Prine
Director of Strategic Partnerships
The Northwinds Contact Solutions
I would love to recommend my call center in the philippines.

Here is my company profile.

Salient Global System is a Filipino owned call center based in Philippines.

The company provides high quality call center services including outgoing campaigns,

email communication and written customer communication as well as training of call center employees.

The company specializes in inbound and outbound call center work.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with a complete solution through our high-quality softwares,

specialized computer telephony technologies with the support of our high caliber technical staff.

Through the combined effort of our people, we will continue to seek out improvements and service enhancement

to maintain the highest standards of excellence and gain customer’s loyalty, reduce lower base operating costs

for small and average enterprise level clients.

Carlos L. Cusi
Salient Global System

Skype: carlos_cusi
Do check us out - - we have a very robust hosted contact center offering that is ideal from operations starting at 5 users and up. Rich feature set and low entry cost. Online calculator and you can estimate your total monthly costs.

Kevin Hayden
800-939-1853 ext 778
Hi Teresa - good luck with your search, I would highly recommend an all-in-one solution (like the one offered by Interactive Intelligence, for your needs. You can purchase as a hosted solution intially and it can scale to whatever levels you eventually require - an all-in-one also give you maximum functionality for the most aggressive prices. There are several tools like this out there, give me a call if you would like to discuss further, I will point you in the right direction (859-445-9497). Thanks!

Kochartech offers a complete framework for IT support and also solutions of CRM/ACD.. Also offer Mobile Device Management Solutions for device complexities and configuration issues through DeviceMax OTA, Remote and Self Care according to the needs of client

Teresa,  I would like to introduce you to a SaaS product at CorvisaCoud that can help you do all that you are asking for.  


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