Have clear path from 'idea' to implementation. Document and thoroughly understand the suggestion. Group associated suggestions in a manner that will lead to solving several ideas in one implementation.


Maintain transparency and use basic ROI to prioritize and deploy.


Those recommendations that can be implemented at the department level are easy wins and just do it.


Those that have capital implications require the agent to be fully engaged with their supervisor to understand what efficiencies will be gained in return for investment. Keep it easy to understand. Items that are beyond the current resources will be added to capital planning and be introduced at the appropriate time.


This includes educating the team on this annual process in clear terms. Teams appreciate direct and honest dialogue on how management prioritizes and invests.


Our primary role is to create success for the employee and this is just one area of education that will enhance leadership credibility and empower the team to participate and subsequently own the customer experience.


Keep your promise that the idea will be evaluated vs. implementing.


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