I'm looking for some suggestions on rewards for Reps who hit our targeted monthly sales goals.  Besides monetary prizes (we already do that), does anyone have any other suggestions that motivated their team? 


Ones I have already heard: 


Vacation Days

Leaving early on Friday's for a month

Gift Cards to a nice restaurant


Any other CREATIVE ideas?




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I think the company should reward the person that they all report to. Maybe that would motivate them! :-)
It really depends on your budget. Ipods and electronics are always good, Also I had a client who filled up a wheelbarrow with their products (one product for each x dollars met) and gave raffle tickets out for each sales goal hit. They ended up doing so well that they had two wheelbarrows and a bunch of nicer products as prizes. This was great for them, a garden supply company, so a theme that matches your products or your employee demographics and interests would work.
We have provided executive parking spaces, free lunch tickets to the inhouse cafeteria, Thank you cards signed by the entire staff, recognition plaques on our Wall of Fame.
I've heard of companies offering a special parking space for a month as an incentive...the one closest to the front door for example.
We found in the last cc I was in that big contests with long lead times did nothing to motivate staff. What they were after was the short hit of recognition - instant gratification. At one point I went around the local area (we were downtown) and bought $5 gift cards for every local eatery, record shop etc I could find. Then we put each one in an envelope, and each person who hit a predetermined target for the day got to pick an envelope. It was wildly successful. We have given out big screen TVs and trips to Vegas as grand prizes for multi-week contests, but get more of a buzz/better results off of $5 breakfast coupons for the local deli across the road.
Do the typical games to get energy up. Do the currency in balloons and for each sale the agent gets to pop a balloon to see if they get a 1,5, 10, 20..... Depending on budget. Also logo cloths if available - the things the big boss would wear is usually a prize worth working for and you get the marketing department to use their budget.

I agree that long lasting expensive gift programs don't seem to make a bit of difference in performance and the short almost silly day contests often have more bang - of course more work also, but then the prize doesn't need executive sign off.


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