What are your thoughts on the top trends in customer service for 2010? Do you see more effort being put into building loyalty? How? How do you see social media changing service and support? How about the formation of independent users providing their owns support rather than relying on the manufacturer? What else is on your mind as we move into the new year?

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HI Peggy!
I attended TSW's Oct/2009 conference in Las Vegas this year. One of the conference speakers (i.e., CC industry consultant Dave Brown) gave a really insightful presentation about the new "Generation Y" agents we are all now hiring (what motivates them), and also about some "Next Generation" IT products Mr. Brown has closely reviewed with some of his own clients --says they will become huge Call Center trends in 2010. In his session he also had a great slide showing some actual and exciting improvement results several call centers in differing areas experienced as beta testers -using these Next Gen products in their own live day-to-day operations the past couple years. He also informed those of us in the audience that these products have been recently made commercially available. If you'd like a glimpse at what he said, here's a URL for his article published in SSPA's magazine right before the October TSW conference:

Afterward, I asked Mr. Brown if he'd give me a copy of his presentation slides to take home. I'm not a customer of his, but he was gracious and emailed me a copy of his TSW ppt slides, along with his business card.

Good questions! Hope others add comments too.

Hi there - would it be possible for you to share the presentation slides with me?
Hi Kerry. Happy to. Don't know if this forum EM-server will handle a bigger file. Do you want to send me an EM?
try this

Last 2010 if i am not mistaken the customer services was really do a good job ,cause that time i am an call center agent at in Finland


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