What methods do you use to identify best practices for customer experience management?

Please rank-order up to 5 the following: a) we don't seek out best practices, b) conferences, c) benchmarking studies, d) books, e) articles and white papers, f) conversations with counterparts at other companies, g) certification course, h) internal training in my company, i) webinars, j) blogs, k) other (please specify).



Your answers to the question above will be consolidated here and included in the world's first Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management Benchmarking Study (


The survey takes 15 minutes to complete, and is intended for practitioners (not providers) of customer experience management such as VOC, market research, customer references, CRM, data mining, customer intelligence, experiential marketing, loyalty, CLV, community, word-of-mouth, co-innovation, branding, internal customer sat, service excellence, call center, UX, complaint mgt, etc. Your responses will remain anonymous.


To-date B2B case studies in CEM books/articles are sparse! There are no lists of best-in-class companies for B2B CEM (as opposed to Business Week Top 25 (, JD Power, Forrester, etc. for B2C). Studies to-date have been limited to certain geographies and industry segments.


If you qualify, you'll receive a free report and CEM ebook. To participate in this landmark study, ask for a survey link

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