What's Keeping You From a Customer Experience that "Rocks"? Watch a short flash presentation with a few of the hurdles we all experience!

I made this little presentation for a session I was giving entitled: 1001 Ways to Optimize Your Customers' Experience. It communicates a few of the contact center hurdles that we all face at one time or another as we try to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

I thought I would share it with all of you - just for fun. Click on the attached file: FAD HYPE.swf

Music credit: "We Will Rock You" by Queen

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This is GREAT!!!!!!! Thank you - it will fit right into the coaching management sessions I have been delivering to our Mgmt team. Its GREAT!!!!!!
Terrific. Glad you can use it! Also, don't know if you have watched the short "Lightbulb" videos I also attached to the site. I have also gotten feedback that people are successfully using those in management training session (How to make a PBJ, Leader/Follower). Just another thought.
Thanks Kate, this was AWESOME. You always come across those pearls just when we need them.
You are welcome, absolutely my pleasure! I appreciate your taking the time to let me know you like it.
Thanks Ms. Kathryn Jackson about this subject becasue it s very useful and also the attached file FADHYPE.swf

But for the attahced file it will more useful if you reduce the speed of words showing becasue some people can't collect the all words during the showing

but all in all the subject is very useful

Thank you for your feedback. I understand perfectly your concern with the speed of the words. The audience for this was originally to a workshop in the US with attendees who spoke English as their primary language. It was also supposed to be a little fast - even for this audience.

I absolutely agree that if I were to produce this for a different audience I would slow it down.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.



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