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This group provides a listing of customer contact publications (books, articles, white papers, presentations, videos) recommended by our members.

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Contact Center Publications - Introduction and Instructions

Do you have a customer contact (call center, customer experience) publication you would like to promote or recommend? If so, please post it in this group.

Please post the publication using the following steps / format (this will make it easy for members to match the best resource(s) to their need). Use a separate discussion for each publication so it is easy for members to search.

1. “Start a Discussion.”
2. Put the name of the publication in the “Discussion Title.”
3. In the “Post” section put (fill in as much information as you can):

a. If you have a picture of the publication (e.g., book cover) you can insert a picture into the “Post” section
b. Name of publisher (person or company)
c. Type of publication (for example, book, white paper, article, presentation, video)
d. Short description of what the publication covers
e. Describe why you are posting / recommending this publication
f. Cost of the publication (if any, put “free” if it is free)
g. Where members can find the publication to download or purchase (if you are attaching the publication to the discussion, please note that)

4. Tags: these are very important because they allow the members to search through all the posted publications easily. Use tags that describe the publication and represent the search terms you would use if you were trying to find a resource like this.
5. “Attach File” if you are attaching a file use this feature.
6. Click “Add Discussion”

Please spell check your entry before posting. Also, review your posts periodically, update them as necessary, and delete the posts when they are no longer available or relevant. We will periodically monitor this section to ensure the items are still available and add value to our members.

Comments are allowed in this group. That means if you want to add a comment about the publication, you can Please adhere to all social media etiquette when you add a comment! We will monitor the comments for acceptability. Thanks.

Members, you can search the publications at:

Discussion Forum

Executive Guide to Understanding Business Requirements

Overview :Business Requirements is a process that needs executive attention. Not only is this a central enabling process for business strategy execution, it is one that requires discipline to be able…Continue

Tags: IAG, business requirements

Started by Kathryn Jackson Jul 14, 2009.

Five Ways to Leverage Web 2.0 to Transform Benefits Communication

With studies showing nearly four out of five employers feel their employees do not understand their benefits, a different approach to benefits communications is needed. As workforces continue to…Continue

Tags: web 2.0, benefits, employee

Started by Kathryn Jackson Jul 14, 2009.

2009 Global Customer Experience Management Benchmark Study

New York, NY, May 26, 2009 - Strativity Group ( announced it will be unveiling the unexpected results of their 5th annual Customer…Continue

Tags: Stativity, experience, Customer

Started by Kathryn Jackson Jul 14, 2009.

Innovating Superior Customer Experience

Innovating Superior Customer Experience: New rules of innovation include focus on customer jobs instead of features,…Continue

Tags: improvement, improving, innovating, innovation, experience

Started by Lynn Hunsaker Jul 14, 2009.

Customer Experience Improvement Momentum

Customer Experience Improvement Momentum: Proven methods for building and maintaining momentum for customer experience…Continue

Tags: change, thinking, internal, branding, improving

Started by Lynn Hunsaker Jul 14, 2009.

Metrics You Can Manage For Success

Metrics You Can Manage For Success. For ANY use of metrics -- learn how to monitor the actionable metrics that are predictive…Continue

Tags: leading, indicator, metrics, measure, dashboard

Started by Lynn Hunsaker Jul 14, 2009.

Human-centered Design Toolkit - Great for understanding and responding to customers.

While not all of this applies, the following toolkit has great insights/instructions to: "hear people's needs in new ways, create innovative solutions to meet these needs, and deliver solutions with…Continue

Tags: design, experience, customer

Started by Kathryn Jackson Jul 8, 2009.

Cost Reduction Methods in the Contact Center 2009

Free benchmark results at:…Continue

Tags: Knowlagent, cost reduction, benchmark

Started by Kathryn Jackson Jul 6, 2009.

Free Webcast: Emotional Intelligence-What's New, What's True, Improving EQ with Behavioral Styles

Good 51-minute webcast on EQ. Good research on business application and results.…Continue

Tags: ROI, behavior, emotional intelligence, EQ

Started by Kathryn Jackson Jul 1, 2009.

Measuring Learning Results - Free White Paper with Registration 28-page paper provides practical advice -- distilled from and supported by decades of…Continue

Tags: assessment, measurement, learning, training

Started by Kathryn Jackson Jul 1, 2009.

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