We established Mach4um with one primary business rule. Members aren't to present "blatant sale pitches" in forum discussions, blogs, comments or any other medium on the site.  Mach4um  is vendor neutral and encourages vendors to establish relationships and sell through education. 


Our goal is value-add collaboration and industry insight.  We certainly value our members who share their expertise on the site and we want them to be able to talk about solutions when it meets a member request / need.  However, simply using the site as a platform for promotion of a product, service, or growth of another network is not appropriate.


Event promotion on this site is restricted to the "Events" tab (not in the "Forum" tab).


Members contact me when they perceive unwanted pitches.  I follow the two warning rule.  I warn once and delete the post from the site.  If I have to contact the member again for negative feedback from other members then I am able to ban the member from the site.


Thank you for understanding and for following the participation guidelines of the site.

Last updated by Kathryn Jackson Sep 22, 2010.

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