Ensuring the Integrity of Mach4um Postings - Managing the "No Sales" & "No Unsolicited Contact" Guideline

Part of my responsibility as site host is to make sure members respect the site and its members. I review the activity on the site every day to see if anyone is blatantly selling or demonstrating inappropriate "unsolicited contact."

This message is to thank each one of you for taking the time to provide quality content / expertise and to let you know that I appreciate your patience as I deal with the occasional inappropriate content.

Much of what I deal with is often simply a new member who is learning how the site works and is willing to comply with our "no sales" rule once it becomes clear.

Unfortunately there are a few others that refuse to comply and I must ban them from the site. There are times that I don't discover this spamming until after some of you have received unwanted messages or requests to become a "friend."

If you log into the site to respond to a "friend" request or message and find it not working, it is because I have banned the person from the site between the time they sent you the request and the moment you logged back in to look at the request. Unfortunately, banning a person from the site does not delete all their activity up to the point of their being banned.

I know you are busy and apologize for the wasted time it takes you to log in. I do appreciate your patience and do not want these incidents to taint the great network we are building.

If you ever get a message or request that is not appropriate, or if you feel a posting (blog, forum question) is inappropriate, please email me ( and I will deal with it. I certainly appreciate your help.

Last updated by Kathryn Jackson Sep 22, 2010.

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