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Manager Training: Follow up, Follow up!!!

A few of us in the training business were talking the other day and I was asked, “What do you think is the biggest reason why many training programs don’t stick?”

Without hesitation, I said, “Follow up.”

As a good friend of mine who used to work with me once said, “After you train, you follow up. Then, you follow up some more, and then you follow up again until the training sticks.”

Any desired change in people’s behaviors will only happen if there is a consistent… Continue

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Currently, one of the fastest growing trends for contact centers and outsourced contact centers is to move away from costly equipment based, premise based call center platforms and to move to more versatile, “on demand” virtual call center platforms. Companies that have moved to or are using a virtual call center platform in some capacity include:, AMD, Vonage,, Hilton Grand Vacations, Kodak, American Express and many others. Why is this transformation to virtual call… Continue

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New Managers: Fighting the Anxiety of Speaking to a Group

Be it a pep talk to your sales team or a market report to your superiors, for many new managers and executives, speaking to a group of people can create a wave of anxiety that hinders them from giving a good presentation.

Here are three reasons I have found that cause this anxiety, which, with a little training and preparation, you can overcome.

Does the manager feel prepared?

Anxiety may creep up when a manager feels he is not 100% comfortable with his… Continue

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stop popping wobble bubbles.

a short, hot day or two ago (i live in Phoenix), i remembered a stat that i had heard on many occasions, but each time the numbers were conflicting, maintaining the consistency of snowflakes and fingerprints. confused, as i should be, i decided to google this stat to finally achieve the satisfaction of knowing the true answer. this mind-blistering stat states that “man’s knowledge doubles every X years.” turns out, google produced every number from 50 years to 2 years, so every conflicting… Continue

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Management Training: Getting Back on Track

Every manager realizes at some point that they or their team is not performing at their peak or at the level they want to be. Results seem harder to get, the daily structure feels disorganized and it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the week.

Upon reflection, you notice short cuts have crept into everyone's routine and consistency has fallen by the wayside. You spend most of your time reacting to what comes up rather than being proactive. How did you end up there, but more… Continue

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Forget savings via AHT or FCR, Think Call Reduction Strategies

As contact centre operators we often think our mission is to answer the call (of course in 80:20 service levels!)

The reality is that the best way to handle a call, even more cost effectively then IVR is to make the call go away.…


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How Can Management Keep Good People?

When I speak to people in the Call Center Industry, one topic always seems to come up in conversation.

Retention-How can we keep good people?

There are three main areas where you can improve your retention:

1. Hiring: The pressure of increasing your employee base to meet hour commitments can force hiring managers to loosen their criteria and put people on the phones who do not have the skills to do the job. This wastes important… Continue

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ATA Governmental Affairs and Reg Outlook 2010

Greetings, all.

The ATA has just wrapped up its various strategic planning sessions for 2010 and I have to say the view from here is just great! There are many facets to what our association does in a year though I'll focus on our Gov't Affairs ("GA") and Reg briefly to encourage feedback and participation in the forum.

In the arena of GA, we fortunately do not face any specific legislative threats. That being said, it is anticipated that 2010 will bring concerns about… Continue

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Loyalty Is Not Just For Customers

Customer Engagement Customer loyalty is important to business success. Profitability of customer retention is pretty much common knowledge.

So companies do a lot to encourage customer behavior that favors their brand, to increase:

- Purchase frequency and volume

- Involvement and structural ties

- Recommendations of the… Continue

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Car Dealer Call Center Monitoring

Who is monitoring your calls?

Most of us have heard this when we are waiting to speak with a company…

“ This call may be recorded for training purposes”

While I see the benefit of recording calls, I often wonder, does anyone from this company really listen to these calls?

An associate of mine who works in the automotive industry mentioned that dealerships are now moving a majority of their… Continue

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