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Recent Business Week special report EXTREME CUSTOMER SERVICE

Hi, If you have not seen this edition yet pick it up. The focus is on customer service in this tough economy and why the smart companies are making it a top priority. Many good points that validate the thoughts we share on this site. Here is a link to just one of the articles.

Keep up the good work !


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Measure Customer Value the Customer's Way

Customers automatically use 50 or more metrics for any customer experience, according to author Anthony Ulwick, in his book "What Customers Want". We may be re-inventing the wheel as we strive to come up with customer metrics that spell success. Looking at things from the customer viewpoint we've got to admit that customers really do know what outcomes they want.

"It's easy to portray customers as emotional,… Continue

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Accountability, Self-Awareness & Self-Improvement - 3 Keys Necessary to the Success of Your Contact Center

Accountability can be a very scary word. Many of us grew up to learn it as a negative word that assigned blame for something we did wrong. For example, you may have gotten a D on your report card in the 6th grade and your dad said to you, “I’m holding you accountable, mister.” That statement made the word “accountable” seem like a very tough and frightening word.

We grew up in a world of rules and regulations that demanded our conformance. Rules and regulations are very good things.… Continue

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Is Customer Service the deciding factor as to which companies succeed or fail in this economic downturn?

Is Customer Service the deciding factor as to which companies succeed or fail in this economic downturn?

Just received my copy of the Call Center Openings & Expansions Report from King White at Site Selection Group and for the first time I can remember there are no new builds or expansions in Canada. Nor are there any in India either for that matter.

The numbers show a dramatic slowdown in the job creation with 2,930 net new jobs created- down almost 70% from a… Continue

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Contact Centers

Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Contact Centers

I was recently asked about considerations and best practices for customer satisfaction surveys and I realized that customer satisfaction surveys are one of the most challenging activities for contact center management to sell to the rest of the organization. Often other executives rely on omnibus corporate satisfaction surveys, which can be great for assessing brand satisfaction, but do little to tell you how the contact center is impacting… Continue

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January Issue of Customer Reach®, now available

Ten times a year The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. (TRG) publishes our call and contact center newsletter Customer Reach®. The January issue marks our 6th year of publishing the newsletter. This issue was sent out to 10, 488 senior call and contact center executive around the globe. Customer Reach® has been described by Frost & Sullivan as “A great newsletter” and by other industry leaders as “the best contact center newsletter out there". A readership study indicated that more than 54% of… Continue

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