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Management Training: Time Management

One of the hardest things we all face is Time Management and trying to get everything thing done.

In the workplace, it seems we never have enough time, especially whenever someone needs something from us and it always sounds like an emergency. Most of us tend to drop what we are doing and rush to get

this new task done. So, we clear our schedules and devote our focus to

this project – only to find out that the person who requested this did

not need it right…


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I have made the decision to resign from all job boards. I just can’t stand the disappoint any longer. I have belonged to monster, careerbuilder, the ladders, 6figurejobs and every other possible job search service for at dozen years. I have never had an interview, or for that matter, never had a simple inquiry during that entire period. I have applied for job after job that made me excited, full of hope that I might be considered a candidate. But, nothing ever happens. I…


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Management Training: How to Handle a Leadership Change

You just found out your boss is being replaced with someone from outside your company. There were rumors going around that your department was under performing and upper management was looking to

shake up its leadership. Once you get past the initial thought of

having a new boss and what it means, you must focus on how you will present yourself to

the new person in charge. Done correctly, it will cement in…


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7 Reasons Every IT Professional Needs a Checklist

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Request for a U.K based Campaign


We are call center of 15 seats and have a team with excellent selling skills and are on a constant look out for new and exciting campaigns. kindly consider us and oblige

Mian Sheharyar Ahmed

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FTC and FCC contemplate aligning TSR & TCPA

from ATA E Connections out next week

Recently in the news was a release by the FCC seeking commentary on their mission to revise the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). The objectives mentioned in the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking pre-rule making release were varied and it appears that to some extent, could play to the favor of the industry. Examining the preamble of the…


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Leaders vs. Managers

I dug up an index card out of my files titled LEADERS VS. MANAGERS. I found it on a blog. Unfortunately, I didn't write down

the url, so I can not give credit where credit is due. Take a look:


* Develop

* Focus on people.

* Inspire trust.

* Innovate.

* Ask what & why.

* Have their eyes on the horizon.

* Orginate.

* Challenge the status quo.



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Management Training: Handling Internal Promotions

In many industries, companies pride themselves on promoting managers internally. There are many benefits to grooming managers from within: They already know the systems, are comfortable in the environment, and have proven they want to work for the company. The transition for this new manager usually is faster and, in most cases, easier than bringing in someone from outside of the company.

The company’s first step often will be to put the new candidate through its management training… Continue

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January Newsletter- EQ in Call Centers, Social Media, IQPC review

From: The Taylor Reach Group Inc. | February 03, 2010

Customer Reach January 2010 issue: EQ drives Agent-level Performance Is Social Media A Fundamental Shift for Customer Service? IQPC Call Center Summit- Review Inside TRG Case Study Classifieds Testimonials Read more at The Taylor Reach Group Inc. »


VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1 JANUARY 2010 ISSN 1718-8938

In the January 2010 issue:

• EQ drives Agent-level Performance

• Is Social Media… Continue

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