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Shouldn't 911 calls be answered?

Shouldn't 911 calls be answered?

911 call centers generally have a service level of 100/5 that is to say they answer 100% of calls within 5 seconds. This is the level of service that everyone expects when we call a 911 center.

A news story on the week end told a different story. In Harrison Township Ohio they recently launched their 911 center, but on the 26th they were experiencing problems…calls not being answered, calls dropped, calls transferred to wrong extensions and… Continue

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Improve Customer Experience: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

customer trust Actions speak louder than words when it comes to most things in life. Michael Phelps, Britney Spears, Barry Bonds, Martha Stewart and plenty of others learned that the hard way. Customers feel the same. They hear plenty of promises in ads, on signs, and from sales and service people. Yet customers know you can’t judge a book by its cover. It’s the actual customer… Continue

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Missing! Systems Thinking for Customer Experience Business Results

"Do the whole job" is a mantra needed by our companies and society at large. Piecemeal efforts and short-term strategies ultimately lead to finger-in-the-dike management that is rampant today. All of the recent customer experience studies indicate that vital linkages are broken between:

- survey results and business results

- data and actions

- goals across functions and business units

- incentives and desired behaviors

- multiple voice of customer sources

- views… Continue

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From Great to Gone- Adobe technical support

From Great to Gone- Adobe technical support

First let me say I love Adobe, not just the products but the company is one I admired for many years. Their products were great and the support if you had a dumb user question, which I can be prone to, was fast, helpful and professional.

Over recent weeks my opinion has been sliding. Now while I like the product I don't do a great deal with it other than create pdf documents from Word files, so I have been quite content with the… Continue

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Moving from CRM to CEM (Customer Equity Management) - A presentation

This link takes you to a PowerPoint presentation on what I view as the next step in the evolution of CRM. Moving from CRM to CEM doesn't require additional technology, it requires a better understanding of your customer facing business processes. I'd like to hear what you think. You don't need to join to view the presentation, but it's a great site to use if you have to write presentations.…


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There are a lot of empty call centers out there

According to King White at Site Selection LLC, there are more than 200 empty call centers on their database in representing more than 1.3 million square feet. By my calculation this would also represent approximately 75,000 empty seats and 100,000 jobs lost. This is one of the clearest indications that recession is biting in the contact center space.
So where have these jobs gone? By and large these went offshore.

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Live Chat Session Management and Industry Definitions and SLA

What are the industry standards for managing an live chat session within a multi channel contact center?

1. SLA
2. QA and Reporting
3. Invoicing
4. Management

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Indian Labour Law

Hi All,

Hope you are doing good.

I would require your help in gathering an information on Indian Labor Law.

I am sure such query has been raised by clients/ prospects during the webinars or report you host and some answer is available in the form of compilation of articles, white papers and reports from consultants or presenters.

Could I please get some of those – The focus could be on whether the laws are "protectionist", where are they trending in… Continue

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To Train or Not to Train

According to a recent survey recently conducted by Tealeaf, a leading customer experience management company, one key element to surviving an economic downturn is excellent customer service. This is a huge opportunity for companies (like yours) willing to significantly improve their customer service, as this enables you to stand out among your competition.

By providing world class customer service, and listening to what the customer needs and wants, you are more able to satisfy your… Continue

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