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Customers are starting to seek experiences over products

I've been buying gifts for a lot of family birthdays all bunched together. I always struggle with gift ideas, but recently I've tended to give ‘experience gifts’ in the form of concert tickets, theatre tickets, short breaks, spa days and so on. I'm not alone it seems, after talking to a number of people it seems that we’re no longer content to have the material possessions we once were, instead we now crave new and exciting experiences.

In fact, this is the premise behind the term… Continue

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Metrics That Predict Success

Announcing my 3 upcoming public presentations on predictive metric metrics & dashboards:

Monday, September 8, 2008 -- 5:30-7pm at Adobe Systems in downtown San Jose, CA

Accessible Dashboards & Recognition

South Bay Organizational Development Network,

Speakers: Lynn Hunsaker, Customer Experience Optimization Straegist at ClearAction LLC

Surinder Bedi, VP-Quality & Customer Satisfaction at SunPower Corp.

Thursday,… Continue

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Love Those Lemons

Negative customer feedback is a lot like biting into a lemon — the bitterness is hard to love — unless you give the lemon a good squeeze and some sugar, and transform it into refreshing and healthy lemonade. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, so those lemons — complaints and low survey ratings — are indeed essential ingredients to improving customer experiences.

To squeeze your voice of the customer lemons into useful juice, you’ll want to (1) make it easy for customers to… Continue

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Innovating the Customer Experience

What's the difference between user experience design and customer experience design? Although the phrasing is similar, there's a real gap between the two concepts. User experience typically focuses on product-specific ease-of-use, ergonomics, and ethnography -- participative observation of the product-in-use. Customer experience design is broader. It encompasses the full customer experience spectrum.

Just think of your own experience in buying something recently. First, you must have… Continue

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An open letter to Verizon's CEO

To whom it may Concern:

Nobody at Verizon seems to be concerned. We are the whom who are concerned, the ten million plus customers, the great under-cared. How difficult can this be? Boys and girls, don't attempt to do this at home--remember, we are professionals.

Twelfth-call resolution. Most of your customers would have thrown in the towel long before putting themselves through this. Or, is that the customer service strategy, wear them out? Frustrate them to the… Continue

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It's Like Let Me Use Metaphors to Totally Get My Point Across

Like radical, man, but everyone tends to talk in metaphors. A picture tells a thousand words, they say. And we all use 5-6 metaphors a minute, according to author Gerald Zeitman in his book "How Customers Think". So how much do you know about your customers' metaphors? The ones they use to describe your brand. The analogies they use to explain the customer experience. And different similes used by various market segments. Lots of companies are now exploring the customer experience through… Continue

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A "Nit" worth picking

Nitpick - the act of removing nits. What does that have to do with customers? Absolutely nothing.

I passed a cable television truck during my run this morning and it got me thinking that wherever it was headed it was probably late - Not In Time (NIT). Thousands of times each day people sit at home awaiting the promised arrival of a cable television or a phone company truck that will arrive late or not at all. We know that because we've all shared that experience. It's become part of… Continue

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