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Training Must Change ... NOW

The days of all day events and workshops are gone ! Generic e-learning does NOT apply to people's real worlds. We have created innovative system based on concept of "Work Integrated Training". This systems send lessons that are unique to client's employees and real world challenges. The system literally positions management to see actual challenges and needs against real world needs. This increases performance and actual results.

check it out:… Continue

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Leadership & Strategy- Delivering both through your Contact Centre

“Strategy is envisioning the improbable or impossible. Leadership is inspiring people to attain these”

Every business today has a business plan. The Business plan can range from a multiple binders built through months of off-sites, meetings, reworking and reassessments, or it may simply be scribbled on a restaurant napkin. Regardless of the detail and the format all businesses need to have a plan. Every business needs to know where it is and where it is going. Key business units… Continue

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Blah on Regulatory...Let's talk the Crescent City, The Big Easy, NOLA, Nawlins, or simply: New Orleans

Greetings CCPF Members! I thought that in this blog, I’d take a break from prognosticating the American political scene or calling out tips and tricks to keep your company on track with compliance.

Instead, I’m going to give a brief description of what you’re going to find in truly my favorite get-away city in the U.S.: New Orleans Louisiana. New Orleans is simply a fantastic, beautiful, engaging and recreational city. Its color and architecture are without peer, in my opinion. Sure,… Continue

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Require Spanish,French, tengolaian Speaking Centers for outbound process with excellent payout


Hi, we are seeking call center for the following process to start immediately having Min of 5 Workstations (Per Shift) or 10 Workstations, excellent Internet connection and Inbound DID (Direct Inward Dialing):

US Timeshare

Payment Cycle: 15 Days.

Type: Appointment setting. Prospects have to stay for 90Minitues and must be inform about Timeshare

Current Centers Achievement: 01 - 02 BPD Per Agent.

Not Provided: VoIP and… Continue

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Benefits and Savings of a "Green" Call Center

I found some fascinating statistics on the "Green" website of my expensive competitor, Avaya, that I thought I would share with you.

What are the Green implications of moving or expanding to a Virtual Call Center platform?

For Your Business:

When your employees work remotely, they put less stress on the environment as well as less stress on your bottom line.

You can save on gas, electricity and office space. For example, at an energy cost of #1.65 per… Continue

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Customer-Focused Culture by Living With Your Customers: A Lesson From Amazon

Customer Experience Management You never know someone so well as when they live with you! What better way to transform your culture to truly customer-centric ways of thinking and doing, than to invite your customer to attend all your discussions? This has long been a practice at Amazon, since founder Jeff Bezos once started an executive meeting by announcing that an empty chair at the table represented “the customer”. Throughout the meeting, the executives were… Continue

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