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Customer Experience Management is Uncommon Sense

customer experience best practices “Just talk to your customers” was the resounding answer to: “What’s the best way to learn best practices for customer experience management?” — a question I posted on several business-focused social media sites. Yet less than 60% of companies have a formal voice of the customer program.1 Why? Because we often assume we already know what customers think, or what they “should” think. Somehow it seems straightforward to…


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TEAM of 5 telemarketers + 1 Supervisor needed immediately.

B.P.O. call centers with experience only please!


SALES experience required.

TRAINING provided to ensure you are successful.

SUPPORT provided daily/weekly/monthly.





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Defining Customer Experience Management

Customer Care … Customer Relationship Management … Customer Experience — what’s the difference?

All of these terms are components of customer experience management (CEM), which is the broadest and deepest way of viewing customers and their role in the success of any organization (for-profit, non-profit, or government).…


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Social Development in Today's Technological World


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9 Essentials for Doing the Right Thing in Customer Experience Management

You've seen the ads depicting crazy business policies that dampen customer experience and make customers cynical. I'm a big fan of free enterprise, but have to admit that self-serving practices have eroded trust and the joy of being a customer.

As each one of us is a customer ourselves, we should understand customer experience management like the back of our hand. Yet, somehow customer experience seems a…


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GenY Doesn’t Want to Work in Your Call Center Shows Study

Sodexo Motivation Solutions, in the UK, released the results of its new survey highlighting Generation Y’s (employees aged 16 to 28) perceptions of working. The survey finds that more than half of Generation Y employees are looking to leave their jobs within a year.

While this study was conducted in the UK, the US and Canadian call center industry, are closely aligned with call center practices in the UK.…


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The Verdict is Out: American's Prefer American Call Center Agents


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Listening to the Voice of your Oen Employees

I just returned from a large Call Center Conference and many of the breakout sessions discussed the need for businesses to focus on “The Voice of the Customer”. I am heading to the ATA National Convention next month in Orlando as well and I am sure this will be discussed because it is an improtant aspect of the business.

This seems to be the new buzz phrase and I heard many different ideas on how a company can achieve…


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LinkedIn Gets an F for Customer Service

LinkedIn presents a tremendous opportunity for individuals of all types and sizes to build and display their personal brand to the world. What a great product built at the right time. LinkedIn is a game changing site for so many reasons. Access to the site information gives sales, marketing and recruiting departments an exponentially greater opportunity to do their jobs at a much higher level. Additionally, the available research, survey data, documents, presentations, and so much more make it… Continue

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Are Contact Center Agents Allowed to use their Brains?

Just the other day, I received a '800' Service it said on the caller ID. Knowing full well that it was a call center on the other line, I picked up the phone ready to engage in the conversation. The agent (after a delay and me saying hello twice) picked up and asked for Lisa Reile. My name is not Lisa, nor does a Lisa Reile live here! I quickly realized that this was a collection call because the agent gave me the impression that I was lying by continuing ask me where Lisa was. And…


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Do American's Prefer American Call Center Agents?

Yes, a touchy subject. I've seen some write ups on this topic, but always wondered about the PC factor and the risk of going live with such opinions. However, since we are in the business of creating outstanding customer experiences, I think this topic is one worth exploring further.

Last evening, I called Capital One because I misplaced my credit card and was in a panic, wondering who has it and how many charges they tallied up on my behalf. With the rampant surge of identity…


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Call Center Case Study Videos on YouTube

Long before my career in call center consulting and call center operations and management I took Radio and Teleivsion in college, but never worked a day in this field, so using youtube is the closest I have come.

Video may have killed the radio star according to the Buggles, but we will see how video treats call center consultants. Taylor Reach has just posted our first video case studies on youtube, Part 1 is found …


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How do I reward my Employees without Breaking the Bank?

This is a very common question amongst managers. Call centers deal with this all the time because they are always battling high turnover. Even if your business offers commissions you still need to do more each

month for your employees. Every manager training program

should have a…


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Free Agent Retention eBook Available - $1000+ Value

Free Agent Retention eBook Available.

Labor represents two thirds of the operating costs in most call centers.Managing Attrition, staff retention,turnover is an essential to all centers.

Created by; The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. the new eBook “How to Improve Staff Retention in Your Call Center” is the result of thirty plus years of hands on Operational management experience by its author Colin Taylor. Similar content has been delivered at countless workshops Colin has completed… Continue

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Agent Retention in your Call Center

By Colin Taylor

I was chatting earlier today with a conference organizer who wanted to get my opinion as to what the ‘hot’ buttons were regarding potential conference topics that they could offer. This was reminiscent of other similar calls I have fielded over the years and one of the top 3 topics I have always suggested is staff and agent retention. This was a ‘hot button’ topic…


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New Report from Frost & Sullivan Shows Hosted Call Center Vendors Going after the Big Guys

Yesterday, Patrick Barnard with published an outstanding article entitled "New Report from Frost & Sullivan Shows Hosted Call Center Vendors Going after the Big Guys"

Below are some pertinent excerpts:

Frost & Sullivan issued a report today entitled "North American…


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Why is Training always sitting at the kid's table?

Lately, I’ve been going to a lot of events. I just hit my 3rd in two weeks. At each event there are breakout sessions and roundtables to discuss relevant issues to business.

I’ve been in sessions about Social Media, Workforce Management, Outsourcing, Inventory Control, Cloud Computing, Government Affairs, Vendor Management and about 10 other topics. But not one table dedicated to training.

Okay, so maybe one event skipping management training is okay, but all three?

Is… Continue

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Contact Center Space for Lease

I wanted to reach out to some Contact Center operators and let them know we have approximately 70,099 SF of space available in Baton Rouge, LA which could be easily converted to contact center space. 48,388 SF in one building and 21,711 SF located in a neighboring building. We have plenty of parking and open layouts, which are subdividable. We have full service back generators at both locations.

SEE LINKS:… Continue

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Is your Call Center afraid to standardize processes?

I was having lunch with a friend and we were discussing the areas of his business that he wants to improve. I uncovered a common structural flaw that many companies have. Not all of the processes for employee job responsibilities are written out. Employees rely on their own notes (if they take any) and the training is delivered by whomever the GM or Site director has was available at the time.

This scenario is completely dysfunctional. If three different people are responsible for… Continue

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