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Lead Management Now Offering Debt Settlement, Consolidation, Loan Modification, Diabetic and Medical, Credit Repair, Mortgage, Tax Settlement, Bankruptcy and Auto Warranty Leads

Lead Management Now Offering Debt Settlement, Consolidation, Loan Modification, Diabetic and Medical, Credit Repair, Mortgage, Tax Settlement, Bankruptcy, Auto Warranty, Health Insurance and Timeshare Leads

Joint venture with national marketing group allows Lead Management to offer television and radio generated leads for the best price in the industry. Tell us what you’re buying and we’ll beat the price.

Dallas, Texas – April 29, 2010 - Lead Management… Continue

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Communication in a Call Centre

I am putting together a communication plan for our call center. Our challenge is what is the best way to get communication out to our agents? This would be for the everyday communication type of items. Some of it is basically a company focus and then there are customer impacting changes. (this is not including crisis or urgent communication) Does anyone have a plan in place that is working well and if so can you offer some suggestions on how you have set this up within your center? Looking… Continue

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Getting Your Team in the Zone you Need

I was watching one of the press conferences at the Masters and a reporter asked the Round 2 leader, Lee Westwood, if he was worried that Phil Mickelson had caught up with him. He answered that he could only worry about his own shots that he hit.

This got me thinking of two different types of employees: those who focus on what they can control and those who focus on what they cannot.

Have you ever worked with someone who always had a reason why he did not hit his production… Continue

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Easy Create Calendar Board for All Professionals

A Global World provides easy create calendar board for personal and professional use, professional-looking calendar designs, calendar board magnets. calendar board

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Use Online Social Networks Effectively!

The vast majority of business owners are much better off not investing time to create and maitain their own page on Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Myspace, Linkedin, Stumble it, Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, Googlewave and so on. I'm not saying there's no benefit...I'm just saying that your time is better spent elsewhere in your marketing efforts.
A more effective use of the social networking sites is to ensure that your website visitors find it really easy to use their own social networks…

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Avoiding Calls Before 8 A.M. and After 9 P.M

Phone Numbers offers free and easy way to reduce telemarketing calls at home, avoiding calls before 8 A.M. and after 9P.M. Look up information on any phone number including address, owner, and complaints against it.
Phone Numbers

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What if the Undercover Boss showed up to Your Call Center?

I am sure we all have seen or heard about this new television show. The boss of a company dons a disguise so its employees won’t recognize him and he gets hired to work on the front lines of his company. The point is to see what working conditions the people in his company work under and possibly hear how they feel about the company and its leadership.

It’s a little too cliché for my taste, but I am far from a TV critic. Still, it did make me think, what if the boss of your company… Continue

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We need to realize we are all in the Customer Business

Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks stated, "We are in the customer business serving coffee, not the business of coffee serving


I think everyone who is in the Call Center Industry needs to remind their staffs what that means. If you asked your staff, would they say they are in the call center/contact center business, or would

they say they are in the customer business.

It is a different focus. For example: if you say you are in…


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Death of the Professional Recruiter?

Death of the Professional Recruiter?

By Chad McDaniel…


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Improve Call Center Agent Performance

Could your call center agents be performing better?…


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A Few Leads Missed Can End Up Costing You More Than You Know

Recent posts have discussed the impact management training and agent training has on results. In this post, however, the focus will be on demonstrating in cold numbers what the negative impact will be if you

are not managing your lead pool effectively. The example below applies

to a call center or contact centers but could be…


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"A" Players vs. "B" Players

Did you ever look at a job listing website and take note of the position headlines? Years ago the position headlines were predominately position titles. Today you see a mix of flashy marketing lines, job titles, and candidate descriptions. There is one in particular I want address. “Looking for “A” players for growing company”.

Why the obsession with A players? Why the demand for an entire department populated by this elite workforce? ......Continued @… Continue

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What customers See can affect Customer Service

I just had a great experience at the 2010 NADA (National Automotive Dealers Association) convention in Florida.

I met many great dealers who were excited about their prospects moving into the New Year and many vendors who had some exciting new technologies and strategies for getting more people to the dealers’


I was asked many times what my company does and my response was, “Improving customer service and sales through consistent…


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Management Training: Time Management

One of the hardest things we all face is Time Management and trying to get everything thing done.

In the workplace, it seems we never have enough time, especially whenever someone needs something from us and it always sounds like an emergency. Most of us tend to drop what we are doing and rush to get

this new task done. So, we clear our schedules and devote our focus to

this project – only to find out that the person who requested this did

not need it right…


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I have made the decision to resign from all job boards. I just can’t stand the disappoint any longer. I have belonged to monster, careerbuilder, the ladders, 6figurejobs and every other possible job search service for at dozen years. I have never had an interview, or for that matter, never had a simple inquiry during that entire period. I have applied for job after job that made me excited, full of hope that I might be considered a candidate. But, nothing ever happens. I…


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Management Training: How to Handle a Leadership Change

You just found out your boss is being replaced with someone from outside your company. There were rumors going around that your department was under performing and upper management was looking to

shake up its leadership. Once you get past the initial thought of

having a new boss and what it means, you must focus on how you will present yourself to

the new person in charge. Done correctly, it will cement in…


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7 Reasons Every IT Professional Needs a Checklist

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Request for a U.K based Campaign


We are call center of 15 seats and have a team with excellent selling skills and are on a constant look out for new and exciting campaigns. kindly consider us and oblige

Mian Sheharyar Ahmed

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FTC and FCC contemplate aligning TSR & TCPA

from ATA E Connections out next week

Recently in the news was a release by the FCC seeking commentary on their mission to revise the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). The objectives mentioned in the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking pre-rule making release were varied and it appears that to some extent, could play to the favor of the industry. Examining the preamble of the…


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Leaders vs. Managers

I dug up an index card out of my files titled LEADERS VS. MANAGERS. I found it on a blog. Unfortunately, I didn't write down

the url, so I can not give credit where credit is due. Take a look:


* Develop

* Focus on people.

* Inspire trust.

* Innovate.

* Ask what & why.

* Have their eyes on the horizon.

* Orginate.

* Challenge the status quo.



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