call center campaigns with good payouts

Campaign List

1. UK Life Insurance:

The programme is regarding our requirement of a long term supply channel partner that can deliver us Life Insurance leads for England and Wales on a daily basis. We need these leads to be generated through extensive telemarketing on TPS compliant database. The Life Insurance Lead Generation Programme will have a particular KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for each centre. The KPI is fixed on the basis of sample quality check. So if you have old samples then please send them to us for a quality check after the initial papers are signed. Once the KPI is fixed then the supplier needs to maintain that and any violation of the KPI will result into the termination of the Contract.

The Filters for the Life Insurance Leads are:

 Name: Forename and Surname
 Address: Complete Address with County and Post Code
 Contact Numbers: One alternative or Mobile number is preferred
 Date of Birth: Required for the purpose of checking age group
 Smoker Status: Is a vital criteria for underwriting
 Insurance Details: Term, Monthly payment (Only if required)

The criteria for Life Insurance Lead Qualification are:

 18-65 year old
 Employed or self employed
 Have an Insurable interest, home owner or family
 Interested in a telephonic quotation
 Contactable within the next 3 business days

The Leads are required to be entered into the Spreadsheet then sent to us, and the team in UK will try to reach them within the next 3 business days. The feedback on the lead will come up after 3 business days. In case the prospect is not available within the next 3 days then the supplier needs to provide us the sales recording with the date of call mentioned in it for our review. If we find the lead had been generated while abiding the quality parameters we can accept that lead.

The payment mode is completely commission system, or pay per lead basis. The price we will pay per lead will be £10.00 and the system of payment will be through paypal transfer only.

For the first month we will have a trial run on a weekly payment system. Later we can make it thrice a week payment if we see the volume as consistent and the quality is good.

2. US Online Education Lead Generation

We have aligned with a marketing firm in Florida to sell prospect Student list to Universities and therefore need suppliers who have the available technology to make live transfers. The live transfers are first sent to the call centre in USA where we verify the quality of the lead through cross questioning and re-questioning method. After the prospect is qualified at our end we have 3 options left.

Firstly we transfer them to the contact centre of the Universities and then make the prospect speak with the University Advisers. This is considered a hot transfer lead.

Secondly if we cannot transfer them at the moment we speak to them regarding their interests in the courses and their ability to pay for their education from their own resources. Once we find that the person is suitable we accept that lead and enter the information into the portal and this is called a SMP or Web Lead.

Thirdly, there can be certain leads that though match few or all criteria but they cannot be transferred to the University at all or they cannot be helped by our advisers. Then we transfer them to our Third Party partners who work on them. We call them the Third Tier Leads.

The criteria for qualification of a prospect are:

 Must be at least 18 years old and not more than 55 years (ability to learn decreases at higher ages)
 Must be a permanent resident or citizen of USA (no anticipatory application)
 Must not be a current student of any regular university or school (Must agree to change school for an online degree if they are enrolled at present)
 Should have a Valid High School Diploma of USA or a GED
 Should understand and able to communicate in English language
 Should have a computer with internet access either at home or at work with minimum access time of 10-20 hours in a week
 Must not be willing to study in a regular course but only online / correspondence education

Process flow:

Lead >>>> CRM >>>>Adviser>>>>Checks Validity >>>>Lead Number Generated >>>>Lead Outcome

Quality Control:

Education is something that you cannot sell to people who are unwilling to learn or study. It is a spontaneous urge to learn that drives people towards education. So the quality part of this campaign is that the lead generation staff should leave the usual sales man approach and behave more like an adviser. If some one is not interested then there is no point in chasing them, as people can’t be forced to be educated. This part is very vital for maintaining the quality level of service delivery for this programme.


We pay the affiliate on per accepted lead / transfer basis only. The payment cycle is 30 days for first 3 months through wire transfer. The affiliate agency needs to pay for the wire charges of $15 per transfer.
The commission chart for each type of transfer is:

 Hot Transfer Lead : $25.00
 SMP/WEB Lead: $10.00
 TT Leads: $3.00

All states are accepted except for MO, ND, AK and HI.

3. UK Debt Management Leads

UK Debt management is a very booming business since early 2007, though till mid of 2009, call centres in India were very much reluctant to work on this type of processes of IVA and DM. However the leads requirement for this ever growing industry, thanks to the life revolving around credits and the havoc of the recession. Mostly all on shore call centres in England, and near shore centres in Scotland and Ireland works on these lead generation programmes, but the volume they generate is too few to meet the ever growing need of the industry.

What we want for debt management?

We have ties with a lot of debt management companies in England and we are their supplier in terms of leads and hot keys. We need call centres that can fill in the gap between the demand and supply chain. Managing the supply chain and delivering the required service is of utmost importance for us. Our requirement is of good number of paper leads or hot keys from the call centres.

What are the requirements?

A Lead where:

a) The client/prospect has atleast £5000 of unsecured loans like credit card due, payday loan dues, unsecured personal loans, etc. Any debt against which they have provided no collateral to the creditor. This debt must be with at least 2 or more creditors.

b) The client/prospect must be employed or self employed. No retired person or unemployed people (bad catch!!!)

c) Must be willing to get rid of their debts through a debt management programme (after the agent explains how the programme helps them)

d) Must not have signed papers with any other debt management agency.

e) Should have at least £250 of monthly disposable income ( the residual money left after bearing all their necessary expenses).

f) Must be willing to have a discussion with the debt management advisor over the telephone at the same time or on a given date or time.

g) Must be able to pay 2% of the total debt amount monthly.

h) Must not be in any active bankruptcy/insolvency.

What to do?

There are different category of leads that we buy from the call centres offering them the best price per lead.

(a) Paper Leads: The lead is generated on some day, and the agent fixes a call back time with the Client. The agent again rings the Client a business day before the said call back time, reminds them of the same and then transfers us those leads through email or IM on real time basis.
(b) Hot Keys: The Lead is generated real time and transferred to an advisor in UK at the same time. The disposition comes faster in this case.

Price that we pay:

The prices vary according to the type of the leads. We can pay the call centre on a CPA basis or a CPL basis. Trial is of course needed for a week or so to check the volume consistency and the quality standard.

4. US Auto Loan Lead Generation (Bulk)

Payment will be monthly from our end - $2.70 per accepted lead, $2.00 for the main lead and $0.20 for mortgage and $0.50 for credit repair. The reason it will be monthly because that will enable us to pay for volume leads at low cost per transaction unlike the case where we have to bear costs for transferring money weekly or fortnightly for half or quarter the volume.

What the centre needs to do - simply check if the person is ready for a auto loan. We have tied with so many companies that it will help us to sell the lead to one or the other party without fail. We will be liberal to accept the leads if they match the criteria, and the details are filled in. The rejection will be on counts :

1. The prospect say "I did not asked for auto loan"

5. Hoax application

The mortgage and credit repair question helps us to generate calling list for the same campaigns for one of our big time contact centre client who is buying such data in bulk.

The person must not say - "I did not asked for credit check" to us.
We will try to sort out disputed leads by a recording check, we will have the voice samples of the sales file and the prospect matched in case of disputes. Historically we should limit such deviations to 1%.
What we want:
1. All leads to be submitted to the portal only after a thorough check by a verifier ( recording of both required). The verifier should not be a call centre agent, and must not get any incentives on the number of leads/verification. Impartial quality monitoring will
2. All leads to be sent must meet these criterias:
a) Must be in the market looking for finance
b) Must be above 18 years
c) Household gross monthly income must be above $2000
d) We have DNC and Non DNC zip codes, so the lead must be from the zip code as mentioned in the Non DNC list for the week. However any zip will work for credit repair.
The recordings should be clear and the agents must sound crispy clear. We will try to accept as many leads we can, and make it a better business with your company. We will expect that your firm will not use the leads sold to us (accepted leads) for any other purpose. This will hamper the relationship, if anything else cannot.

6. Telecom Lead Generation for existing BT Customers:

We need your agents to contact existing BT business consumers in UK (not tied with BT
though), especially very small business units. We need people who are paying more than
£30 and less than £5000 as monthly billing now. We can help this demography to save
around 40% of their monthly bill.

Your agents will represent our partner company as a whole seller of BT nationwide and
therefore will have extra leverage in selling the new services. As you will be representing
a national dealer of the brand BT therefore you will have extra leverage in selling the
products than any other brand, due to the emotional attachment of the UK Consumers to

A lead is eligible for commission once it gets converted. Provided a lead is legitimate, the
overall live ratio for contracts is around 70-75% taking into account pre-live drop-out, ,
customer's change of mind, Claw backs and any other compliance issues.
Your agents will not have to do anything apart from making the decision maker of the
business agree to save some money on their bills and all they have to do is to make the
people send a fax of their latest telephone bill.

For the sake of transparency, you will be provided with an online portal through which
you will be able to check the progress of all of your contracts at any given time. Once a
contract is uploaded on the portal, it usually takes 4 weeks for the contract to go live.
Should you wish to go ahead, it will be 4-5 weeks before you will get the first payment
and then weekly thereafter.

All sales scripts and product information will be provided. Should you require further
information pertaining to the product in particular, please feel free to get in contact with
us and we will be happy to oblige.

Portal access for receipt and feedback of leads:

The following information will be available for each lead

>> With BT
>> Monthly Telecom spend minimum £30 to £5000 per month
>> Not tied in to BT
>> Decision Makers contact details
• Name
• Company address
• Telephone number
• Email address
• Fax number
>> Faxed copy of recent BT bill to us and willing to move their Telecom package if we
can save them money
General criteria: restrictions
>> Interested in a telephone consultation
>> Contactable within 24hrs

Commission is on a revenue sharing basis that we will decide upon after an initial
discussion with your firm.

7. Australian Mobile Sales Campaign

The call centre agent requires to call prospects in Australia and offer our customized
mobile package to the them. The sales are validated after soft credit check.
The mobile network is Optus and it is the second largest network after Telstra in
Australia. There are lot of offers that we are offering to the customer's as of now and the
commission for the call centres is too lucrative.

The sales acceptance ratio will be around 50% for the first two months and then can reach
up to 65 %. The payment cycle is alike any typical telecommunication or wireless
payment cycle. The first invoice is cleared after the materialisation of the sale, that
ideally takes a months time and after that the payment is done on weekly arrears basis.
The commissions starts from $20 till $130.

8.Debt consolidation and Settlement lead generation program helps people to settle and consolidate the debts I.e credit card bills,etc…..
Product : Debt consolidation and Settlement
Region : USA
Comision : 35% of customers first payment
Payment Schedule : Every two weeks
Minimum Seats : 10
SPD : 2
Reporting : Online tool

9. Attorney based Credit Repair program helps to improve and repair credit history of the customer
Product : Credit Repair
Region : USA
Comision : 50$
Payment Schedule : Every week
Minimum Seats : 10
SPD : 2
Reporting : Online tool

10. Adult Chat Non Voice project :- This is a unique program where we provide you unlimited hot leads in real time from interested men for your agents to talk to. We own the sites, merchant accounts, lead generation, etc. Your admins and agents get real time portal to track sales in real time, weekly payments, and $35-$45 per sale commission .


For inbound upselling process center is required to pay for set up fee for ivr and call routing of 250$ per seat and a recuring monthly fee of $80-100 per seat deductable from billing.



PAYMENT PER HOUR $7HR ( with a 1 target sales a DAY )


Thank you for your prompt reply. MY Holiday Packages is a well known travel
portal in United States. We offer very inexpensive holiday packages
for families across the world to US.

Our target market is US and Canada. Due to the economic crises more and more
people are looking for inexpensive yet splendid destinations and packages.
That is where we come in picture. We give them what they want. So the sales
volume are really good. We get around 50 bookings every day from our website
and search engines itself.

We are looking for to promote 4 best selling packages from our website,
Hello Centers!!!

We have some slight changes for our Travel Cuise sales

1. All sales will be sent to my mail box and cc copy to__________________
2. Our office will be the one processing the sales .
3. Prices have changed
4. Club Packages is now $249
5. Cruise Packages is now $99
6. Is any person as for the website you will direct them to website given to you
7. The offer is only telephonic
8. Check the script for new change ...
9. Agent are required 1 Cruise sale per day for the $7hr

12.US Medical Discount card project:

The vendor will be paid $60 (1sale-30sales) $100 (31sales-50sales), $140 (50+sales), US dollars, Funded sales made from Monday to Sunday will be paid on Friday of the upcoming week.

13. UK Survey Project:

The Survey campaign about which includes energy, telecoms, life insurance and debt management.
14. US Security project:
We also have a new project called Protect America. Very high commissions, paid weekly with no chargebacks and I can have you up and running in 10 minutes.
15. Australian Project:
We welcome you all to join our team. It’s a new and different campaign which is very easy for you to make money out. The Australian Government has announced the Homeowner Insulation Program which offers ceiling insulation worth up to $1,600 to owner-occupiers. The program targets homes that are currently un-insulated, or have very little ceiling insulation and were built before the mandatory thermal performance requirements under the Building Code of Australia were introduced commencing in 2003. The full program started on 1 July 2009 and will run until 31 December 2011. The Australian Government is stepping up its commitment the environment by installing ceiling insulation in 2.2 million homes— for free
It’s actually right time for telemarketing companies to make money along with us. Just call the customer and book appointment to Install ceiling Insulation and get paid.
We are currently getting 800 sales per week from our 20 In-house telemarketing associates and we have planed now to expand large. I have attached process overview, script, quality parameters, terms & conditions to this email. Please read word by word to have better understanding about the process.
Other on going requirements Leads for
Mortgage – Re Finance, First time buyers, loan against property – secured loans
for UK and USA

Unsecured Loans – Payday loans, unsecured personal loans, business cash
advance, for both UK and USA

If you are interested please reply back with information requested below.
If you have any questions please ask…at

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Comment by Lazar H on March 15, 2017 at 5:15pm

Hi Josh, 

Kindly share all the projects Campaigns at


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Please share the job details to
skype: contact1stchoice; 
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*for Adult Chat Non Voice project 
Comment by Shahul Hameed on March 28, 2013 at 10:43am


      We are starting a new office in India (Tamilnadu) with 10 experienced agents. We are looking for some UK Campaigns for lead generation or Appointment Setting or Survey. Our agents has experience in Stock market, Solar, Boiler, Survey, Insulation and Funeral. We can give Quality leads and good conversions. Kindly please let us know about the available campaigns and the payouts as soon as possible.

Contact Info:

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C.B.Shahul Hameed

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We are a BPO Company based in mumbai. We are running US & UK Campaigns currently & we are looking for new outbound / inbound campaigns / processes.


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Comment by Cassandra Ruiz on August 27, 2012 at 3:52pm


My name is Cassandra Ruiz. We offer call center opportunities with service rates ranging from $5 to $9, depending on your requirements. We have call center headquarters and satellite offices in the US and the Philippines.

We offer the following Call Center Agent Expertise:

» Seat Lease Solutions to Evolving Requirements
» Invaluable Call Data Analytics
» Competitive Average Handle Time
» Effective Sales and Customer Care Solutions
» Remarkable Delivery of Campaign Requirements
» Strategic Approach to Escalations
» Intelligent Adherence to Leading Best Practices

We're interested in handling your campaigns for your convenience. If you have further questions, please email me at and I will gladly help you out. You can also visit our website at



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this is Nauman From Agacommunicationz

We are call center of 30 seats and a great professional team and we are fluent on English . Kindly send us the details of the above mentioned campaigns as they seem to be pretty exciting for us and we are looking for your positive response and we are based in Lahore Pakistan


skype : nouman619

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Comment by RINSTALSINGH MOHIT on May 26, 2010 at 11:58am

I am the Managing director of Jubilee outsourcing based in Mauritius Island located in the Indian Ocean,we are a professional team working on both English and French campaign.Will it be possible to send the relevent documents for a case study on all the campaigns available and about the payout and also the procedures to be followed.

Mr Mohit or
Mobile No:002307031952
Comment by sienna james on May 19, 2010 at 3:35am
Call center philippines always practice that there is good payouts for their agents. This will help them to be more productive on their work.
Comment by Sergio Quiroz M on April 27, 2010 at 8:58am
Dear Señores:
We are a center of telephone attention located in Perú, with product
experience and services to the European market, we have the agents who
speak to English American and Briton, as well as Italian and French, we
have very good commercial references. We are in the search of a direct
distributor of campaigns of attention to the client, telesales,
distributing East etc. must count on the good prestige in the European
market and with whom we pruned to work with the tranquillity that looks
for in all commercial relation. We have extended the number of external
collaborators who work with us, therefore have subscribed commercial
alliances with Spanish companies.

It would be thankful send information to us with respect to the
campaigns that handle and if we can handle them jointly.

With the external experience and collaborators who we have we allowed to
guarantee a very good monthly production. We wait for its communication,
to send a presentation to them of our company.


Sergio Quiroz M.
Managing director.
Central Telf. 511 4710527.
Celular 511 999034269.
Skype squiroz4
Comment by Mian Sheharyar Ahmed on February 13, 2010 at 11:23am
We are call center of 15 seats and a great professional team. Kindly send us the details of the above mentioned campaigns as they seem to be pretty exciting.

Mian Sheharyar Ahmed

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