"Performance Based" Call Center Needed - $1,000 per closing


First thing I want to tell you is that we have raised the amount that we pay per closing to $1,000.00 per close!
We are strictly "Performance Based" in our offer, however we have heard the one and only complaint made by
our other call centers, and that has been their responsibility to buy the data. So, we have negotiated on your behalf,
and the result is an extra $200 per closing!!!

Below is the information that I send out;

My name is John Caminero,

We are currently seeking call centers to take on the following campaign.

The sale is to bring on Plaintiffs who would like to join in a Joinder suit. You do not close the sale, as this would be practicing law without a license. Your agent is to follow the script verbatim, fill out the questionnaire and get it signed by the potential client.

The questionnaire if then forwarded to the Attorney, and the agent sets a telephone appointment via the attorney’s web-based calendar. The attorney will make the appointed call on which they will discuss all of the legal details. If the client moves forward, signs the contract, pays the $5,000.00 retainer and agrees to the $59.95 monthly… Your sale is closed. Obviously, the details of the suit target will be explained upon your intention to move forward being communicated and paper work signed.

All closings are paid to you in the amount of $800.00 (NOW$1,000.00) per full completion, and paid out every other week. The amount you pay your agent is completely at your discretion.

AND YES, You are actually paid $800.00 (NOW $1,000.00) for being a Glorified "Opener", as the Attorney will be the "Closer"!

This is Strictly a Performance Based offer, we do not and will not pay a call center or agent on a monthly, hourly or fee basis of any kind.

Whatever you pay your agent, you will need to be sure that they can follow the script and stay within compliance. It would not do the agent any good to be dishonest and tell them what they want to hear “hoping that it will stick”, due to the attorney will be 100% compliant, and if they hear that a potential client has been told anything other than the truth, the agent will be fired and possibly the call center.

Having said that, the current results being obtained are 1 to 2 sales per week, per agent. Some agents have sold as many as 10 in one 30 day period, obviously some less.
The average result you should be able to do your math on is 4+ per month per agent at $800.00 (NOW $1,000.00) per full completion to you.

Complete Training and scripts are provided to you and your agents. We also have the very same type of leads already proven to be successful available. Leads are available at 4 Cents per record if purchasing less than 100,000. Once you see the results and make the money from your efforts, as 100,000 records or more are needed, the price will only be 2 Cents per record. Data and its cost is the responsibility of the call center, you may purchase through our provider or any other of your choice.

No matter how many agents you have or have access to, we suggest that you start with a minimum of 5, no more than 15. Once you have fine-tuned your campaign, the amount of agents you bring on is completely up to you. Currently we have no end anywhere near to being in sight, and are able to handle all the clients you can bring to the table.

If this is something that you feel that you are interested in and are able to perform, please respond to this email or call me at the number below.

Once we have had a chance to speak and go over all of your questions for me and all of my questions for you, we will determine if it is intended that you move forward.

The next step will be to get on a call with our owner and your "Decision Maker" and start making money.

Here’s to your success!


John Caminero
(702) 782-7355

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