The Future of Call Center and BPO Platforms

Futurist are fond of saying that if you want to see the future, look at what is happening at the fringe.  The fringe of society, the fringe of science, the fringe of an industry. There you will find unconventional thinking unconstrained by the past.  There you will find a young Steve Jobs working on a personal computer when there was no PC industry.  The unforeseen consequences of Job’s work were many including the death of the typewriter industry. 

What does the future look like for the Call Center / BPO industry?  Conventional BPOs are brick and mortar call centers with large infrastructure and staff.  There are companies however, supplying call center platforms on demand today.  InContact and Five9s used to be on the fringe of the BPO industry and are now leaders supplying call center switches in the cloud.  Call Center switches on demand.  Little or no capital infrastructure required to get started....Continued...

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