I have two former collogues who are in the process of starting up payments technology services. In each case, their business plans are aggressive with high third year customer base expectations. However, now they are dealing with relatively small call volumes.

Both start-ups have proprietary platforms. They are secure because they handled payment transactions to load the payment vehicles, can be accessed by secure intranet, and are sophisticalted enough to allow a non-technical associates to manage most customer service and level one technology issues.

Both individuals are shy of overinvesting in traditional IVR and call center infrastructure at this time. In our discussions we have discussed the use of "at home" associates that may provide call center like services for multiple clients.

I have committed to developing a transition plan from start-up to full, world class quality, call center requirements based upon their business plans and service requirements, but lack a lot of pratical information on using "at home" contractors. Any information would be appreciated.

FYI - Both friends commented that in their search for call center capability, they found very little information or interest. This might be an interesting idea for someone to consider.


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For the expertise in home-based agents you may also want to check with Jim Farnsworth of VirtualWirks. He lives and breathes home-based call center design, management and improvement. I was just recently introduced to him and already struck by the depth of his knowledge in this area.

His contact info: (303) 522 0714,

Can you please get in touch with Benjamin Zidah
I am sure he would have information to share with you on this your question.
He is an expert on the subject matter.

Lekan Badejo
I'm very late to this thread, however if you'd like the perspective of a manager that oversaw rapid growth of a call center (from approximately 1000 calls/month to over 21,000 calls/month in less than 8 months let me know. We have gone through the rapid growth and have worked through the growing pains. I do not work for a company that can provide you with a solution to purchase, however I can speak as an expert on the process of rapid growth from the management perspective.
My company does this for businesses every day. There are several platforms that work well in this heterogeneous environment with proprietary software. One of them is EasyRun. It alows the integration of all media types and provides for at home workers.

Be glad to discuss it further. 6787390123
Dear Hatch,

My company, Northwinds Contact Solutions, offers the perfect call center platform for start-ups. Why do I say that? Our platform is a hosted & managed Virtual Call Center platform. There is no equipment to purchase, except headsets, so the upfront capital expenditure normally required to build a call center is nonexistent utilizing our solution. Our platform is server based and we colo with Cox Communications. Because it's a managed solution, you get a Fortune 50 call center manager helping with workforce and quality management. Another cost saving feature is that our platform doesn't care if the call center agent is in a brick and mortar environment or in their home office making our solution the perfect, low cost, robust, Work From Home solution. I invite you to visit our website at for our data sheets, case studies and industry news. Please call me or share your contact information and I will call you to discuss this further.

All the best,

Darren C. Prine
Director of Strategic Partnerships
The Northwinds Contact Solutions
Hatch, you might be about done with all the help with this thread has receive already but I need to throw a hat in your direction. The company I work for Avtex just performed a webinar about work at home agents (WAHA) last Tuesday and I can provide you a link to a copy of that work. We also have clients that uses at home agents under HIPA rules that I can introduce you to.

We also represent Interactive Intelligence with what I believe is the only SAAS interaction provider that provides the option to build from an all-in-one hosted system that includes IVR and ACD plus blended ACD for media types like Fax, Chat, Email and even scanned forms or generic objects. When the time is appropriate we can convert from hosted to premise based system simply by moving the software to the location on non-propriatary servers or we can blend any combination of transition that falls in between.
Interactive or I3 is a perfect fit for what your clients appear to be looking for now and in the future. Let me know if I can explain more via a CCFP inbox message.

One last thing - I3 has also receive certification from the DOD for thier encription in a VoIP environment if security is an issue.
Hey Hatch,

OnState offers a true SaaS virtual call center software solution that works with existing infrastructure, Skype, Google, and PSTN to create a fully virtual contact center. Agents can work from an office, at home, or even on the road with our mobile app and still participate in the call center. Being based in the cloud as a SaaS (i.e. not hosted or premise-based) offering, we can easily scale from start-ups to large enterprises. Happy to discuss if you'd like to.



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