Hi to all,

I have recently started working with a call center for the collection.Can you give me some information, your experience, what is the best method for this kind of customers to motivate them to pay faster...more...?
Can somebody give me some ideas from daily work?

Thank you!

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The surest and best way to motivate people to pay more and to pay faster is to give them fantastic service.

Most people's willingness to pay depends mostly on two things, their ability to pay and their opinion about the person they are paying. You can do very little about the former and very much about the latter.

The two things that most alienate and upset people are feeling that the other person does not care about them and feeling that the other person is trying to control them. Conversely the things that most attract people are feeling that the other person (in this case you and your company) do care about them as people and feeling that that have choices how to work with you, so the more ways to pay you can offer them, the more choices they will have and the more empowered and better about themselves and you they will feel.

This is fairly straight-forward and proven stuff. A difficulty is that few managers of contact centers understand it, but those who do are very successful.
I agree with Jonathan. When the customer feels like you care about them and are trying to work with them, they respond better. Incent your agents to be warm, friendly and flexible. This is the hardest part as collection agents are typically not any of these.


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