Making Personnel Decisions based on Quality Monitoring Scores

I am in the process of setting up a Quality Monitoring Process for a large public service (crown agency in Canada) organization, and am looking at the avg. number of calls monitored per agent (as reported in another forum question about Quality Monitoring Staff levels). It seems to be at about 3-4 a month per agent.
At what point (i.e. after how many scored calls) does your management/HR feel it would have enough of a case to begin progressive discipline? This is assuming all appropriate training/coaching remedies have been exhausted.
Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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The general consensus is that you need to have at least 30 calls monitored to be able to accurately identify trends. This can be a rolling cumulative number. For example, if you measure 10 calls per agent per month then you have to have 3 months worth of calls before disciplinary action can take place.

And, yes, this means that during those 3 months you have given appropriate feedback and coaching.
Thanks, Kathryn. I seem to remember reading something similar (in fact now that I think of it, you may have written it). I guess what I was thinking was, that if you only measure 3-4 calls a month, and you follow the 30 call rule, it could be nearly a year before you were in a position to make any kind of performance management decision.
That number gives me a good idea of how frequently to monitor and score calls.
You could actually populate a qualitative sampling calculator to determine the number of calls required to produce a representative sample of the rep's performance. For example, if a rep handles 100 calls/month the sample of calls needed to determine true performance will be lower than that of a rep that handles 100 per day (approx 2000 per month). In our call center we try to balance our "formal" monitoring process with an informal metric. By combining the two we are able to get a much better gauge on true rep performance. We are also better able to identify anomalies and process "noise".

In regard to the second part of your question, we move forward with feedback and disciplinary action immediately. Because we hear so many calls we are able to manage the quality (customer experience) side of rep performance in almost real-time. While each situation is unique, our process would allow us to terminate an employee within 30 days of issue identification. (We allow for mitigation in all but the most severe cases)
Thanks Richard, that's great food for thought.


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