Does anyone know of where I can find stats for Outbound Appointment Setting (some call Telemarketing). In less than 2 years, I have significantly improved the production of the small Call-Center I have managed, however I want to compare our #s with what may or may not be the norm in the Industry. I have been in the Inbound/Inside Sales Call-Centers for many years and I know whats a good and bad measurtement, however in the Outbound APPOINTMENT SETTING world, I need some industry benchmarks. Anyone have any thoughts? If so, much appreciated.

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Hi Mike,

If you can tell me the industry, I'd be happy to share our benchmarks if we have a match.

You can email me at

Cathy Karabetsos
Hi Cathy,

Thanks for replying. I work for an Accounting Firm/Payroll Provider and I manage the small call-center where we make outbound cold calls to CT business owners looking to identify needs for our services. My reps call biz owners, introduce ourselves, state our value prop, ask some probing questions, and if need/desire to meet is established, we "ask for the sale" in the form of an Appointment on the calendar. At that appointment, an outside Sales Rep meets face to face with the prospect to further the sales process. So my reps are Appointment Setters, however as I am sure you know, there is also sales technique involved. Hope this helps? The type of stats I am looking for are cancel rates (cancellation of appointments prior to them happening), no shows (prospect doesnt show up to booked and confirmed meeting), postpones (prospect still expresses interest but contacts us and pushes the date back to another day in the near future (many times is legit scheduling issue and many times it is a blow off which leads to eventual cancel), # of outbound dials per day made for cold calling (manually, not using auto dialer), etc. Anything along those lines would be great to compare and share war stories.



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