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An example (e.g. Virgin Atlantic Airlines) is sometimes the best teacher.

The risk of not seeing where the customer care market is headed is that market share will be lost to the early adopters.

Last week I blogged about a recent security study revealing the value of anti-fraud efforts to e-merchants.  Statistics and analysis substantiating the assertion that customers buy more and are more loyal when a merchant has anti-fraud efforts.  There are no better illustrations than Virgin Atlantic Airways and Carnival Cruise lines.  My recommendation to…


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If a tree falls in the Customer Care forest, does it make a sound and does anyone care?

Lexis Nexus sponsored a study by the Javelin Research firm recently regarding e-merchant security.  One of my conclusions from this study was that preventing fraud is good for business in many ways aside from the obvious.  Preventing fraud also results in increased customer loyalty and increased sales.  The supporting two data points discussed in the study concerned “large e-merchant firms” respective experience with antifraud efforts. These merchants believe their customers REWARD security…


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All Call Center Information Security Officers Should Treat Some Folks To A Hamburger!

All call center information security officer's should take their Marketing Officer and Chief Customer Service Officer for a hamburger for lunch.  These three call center stakeholders may learn something. (...)

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160 Million Credit Cards Stolen Serves as a Warning to Call Centers

160 million credit cards stolen and sold by 5 individuals.  Hundreds of millions in losses and damages. The theft happened while the credit card information was in the possession of over a dozen merchants and financial institutions.  The indictments for the 5 individuals were announced Jul 26 by the US attorney for the district of New Jersey.  The New York Times reported the announcement as well as the names of some of the merchants and financial institutions impacted....…


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Sharing a partial list of products that specifically address the PCI requirement for call recordings in the Call Center industry

I am frequently asked about the variety of PCI solutions on the market for call centers.  These questions all revolve around solutions that prevent a call center agent from seeing, hearing or recording credit card information.  I thought I'd share a partial list for those of you interested.  Please feel free to add to the list.


Products & Solutions supporting PCI requirements…


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Call Centers should consider the Point of Sale model to enhance security and nurture confidence in the consumer.

Transforming the phone into a Point of Sell (POS) system will enable the customer to keep possession of his or her credit card and ensure no one else has access to the card with the possibility of identity theft as a consequence. More...

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Card Not Present Technology Shrinks the Data Theft Target

Call Centers handle sensitive, valuable information.  Credit card numbers, social security numbers, Personal Healthcare Information (PHI).  Because this information in valuable, this information is a target for malicious individuals.  Shrinking this target reduces risk and improves security.  The compliance frameworks take this into consideration when defining the scope of the environment that needs to be protected.  For example the PCI and the federal (FISMA/FedRAMP) frameworks require the…


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The Future of Call Center and BPO Platforms

Futurist are fond of saying that if you want to see the future, look at what is happening at the fringe.  The fringe of society, the fringe of science, the fringe of an industry. There you will find unconventional thinking unconstrained by the past.  There you will find a young Steve Jobs working on a personal computer when there was no PC industry.  The unforeseen consequences of Job’s work were many including the…


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The BPO industry should look to the Cloud industry for examples of promoting Security and Compliance. The benefits are potentially enormous.

The call center (BPO) industry should look to the cloud and hosting industry as an example of how to address Security compliance certifications from and both a market and internal perspective.  WHY. The BPO industry and the Cloud industry both provide outsource services to companies, large and small.  Both industries provide cost and efficiency benefits to companies whose core competencies lay elsewhere.  Both industries have customers who have major barriers to outsourcing including a…


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Hi everyone,

We are a newly Philippine based call center and we are looking for potential client who can help us to be the best. We have 10 personnel who has rich call center experience specially outbound (sales).Me,myself handled a lot of account both inbound and outbound account. Like website listing (B2B) , lead generation for stock exchange (B2C) , phonelines , appointment setting , timeshare (vacation ownership).

Kindly send me proposals and suggestions on my email…


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How I Would Design A Customer Service Solution

Image Courtesy of…

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Superior Customer Service Through Privacy Protection

The VALUE of TRUST cannot be understated when discussing Superior Customer Service.  

 “The main benefit of trust is customer loyalty, which in turn leads to a longer term relationship, greater share of wallet, and higher advocacy or word of mouth.  Results from our consumer survey show that emotional and rational trust drive between 22% and 44% of customer loyalty.” - Study by ESCP Europe Business School


Studies show PRIVACY is of paramount importance to consumers and…


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Call Center makes $7.5k per deal

We have online Live Casino & Sportsbook that provides the safest and most secure place to wager either live blackjack, live baccarat, live roulette, or your favorite sporting events. Throughout many successful years in the industry, the creators of the new have offered players all around the world a smooth, hassle-free gaming experience that is simply world-class.

Besides the "live casino", we offera wide array of sports to wager on and leaves no stone unturned in our search to…


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"Performance Based" Call Center Needed - $1,000 per closing


First thing I want to tell you is that we have raised the amount that we pay per closing to $1,000.00 per close!

We are strictly "Performance Based" in our offer, however we have heard the one and only complaint made by

our other call centers, and that has been their responsibility to buy the data. So, we have negotiated on your behalf,

and the result is an extra $200 per closing!!!

Below is the information that I send out;

My name is John…


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Payoff for Coordinating Customer Experience Management

Connect your customer experience management efforts across the company, and enjoy exponential benefits, according to the 2011 Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management Benchmarking Study.

Customer Experience Management Collaboration

Companies with managers (of their top five…


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Looking a Buyers for Generated Auto loan Leads

Pride Infolink Pvt Ltd

We have been working for an Auto Loan Lead Generators with a high Quality Sales for an Auto Loan.

I am looking for a Buyers for those Generated leads.

Kindly Email us on…


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Customer Value Creation

Customer Value Creation Value creation is perhaps the single most important aspect of any executive's job. As such, crystal clarity on what it is and how it's done should certainly be top of mind. Shareholder value is fueled by customer value; shareholders leave when customers leave, not the other way around.… Continue

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Auto-Optimization – A Must-Have Tool for Intraday Administrators

Your day starts fairly quiet, and then all hell breaks loose. A tornado has knocked out power to one of your main call centers and there is a need to shift additional traffic to your center. You scramble to figure out how to add capacity. A multitude of questions enter your head as you scramble to… Continue

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Need Payday loan process with good payout.

We are looking for Payday loan and debt management lead generation or appointment setting campaign with good payout. We 5 seats available currrently and also we are in process of hiring more agents.



Damien Murfin

Skype: damienmurfin



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Customer Centric Sales & Service Policies: Survival of the Kindest

Survival of the kindest may be a novel concept, but there's new scientific evidence that humans are genetically wired to be kind. The more generous we are, the more respect and influence we wield. For example, think of Zappos and LL Bean: for their customer-centric sales and service policies, they've earned widespread admiration among customers, as well as among… Continue

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